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What is SafeAccess?

As a bunch of techies, we are comfortable sitting in front of computers. The ultimate freedom is the feeling that everything we will ever need is a few keystrokes away, everywhere we be. Understanding that, you would not be surprised why someone would have to invent the “cloud” when in fact all his information he ever needs actually can be condensed into a tiny 2.5″ harddrive not any larger than the cellphone he lugs around everywhere anyway. It is not about the weight or size, we’d say. It is about everywhere, the freedom!

At the same time, we engineers know too much about what happen to those bits and bytes of our “everything” in “cloud” to feel comfortable about the security of the “cloud”. We are worried that some unseen ghosts in the “cloud” would steal our “everything” that we would be looking at our comfortable screen very much uncomfortably naked. Now that is a disaster!

So, we keep hacking at the computer screen until we finally come up with some “clever” ways to locked our “everything” up in the cloud. Still, at the end of day, we won’t forget to take a backup 2.5″ drive with our “everything” in it with us when we leave our comfortable chair. “just in case…”, we’d say.

Funny things aside, SafeAccess was indeed an effort to address an important business needs toward internet information security.

Why do we need SafeAccess?

There are plenty talk about browsing with SSL or TLS, 128 bit encryption, etc etc on the internet. Yes, that is plenty secure. But the truth is, the SSL or TLS stuff only address the data security when they are in transport, on the road, so to speak. When the data hit the “bank”, cloud or just some server computer somewhere, it is removed from the secured transport and stored there mostly in “plain sight”.

For example, Google email now forces the use of SSL to access your emails. That means all interaction between your PC and the Google server is real-time encrypted. Nobody can intercept the messages flowing in and out between you and Google.

But your emails and files stored on Google drive are not encrypted at all. They are open to those who successfully hack into your account, the server (worse) or who are given permission to work on the server.

That actually explains why there are always news that millions of credit card information were stolen from some major chain store or banks, considering all the big dollars they spend on data security.

In SafeAccess, we take security a step further to the “extreme”. It is mostly an exercise for our engineers to look deep into web services and data protection. Turns out to be a good piece of web application, even though the user interface can certainly use a little more refinement.

In SafeAccess, we created a secure encryption key exchange and management scheme. The scheme allow a specific piece of data owned by a user (the owner) to be securely shared among his approved friends without allowing either the server or the approved-to-share friends to ever get hold of the owner’s private key. Considering that you might lose the key to someone with a malicious intent, we pioneered, a few years back when SafeAccess was started, to use SMS texting to require the accessor to provide a required piece of key information via a third independent channel, the accessor’s mobile device. Unless you lose your private key, your mobile phone to the same person and you carelessly tell him your pass code, SafeAccess is practically unbreachable. Furthermore, we also developed a limited yet effective search capability in the system. So the data in the cloud can be searched and found, even though they are otherwise encrypted.

What is the real value of the SafeAccess?

If you have refinanced your home recently, you would remember how many times you and your mortgage financier have to exchange your personal sensitive information, that is…almost… “everything”. Do you remember how the exchanges were done?

We believe the technology in SafeAccess should be integrated into the financier’s website, or the website of anyone, your attorney, tax accountant, who you need to exchange your private information with.

After SafeAccess is integrated with a provider’s website, the provider would open an account on his SafeAccess service for you when you acquire his service. Now, it does not matter where your provider hosts his web service(in the cloud, of course!), your sensitive private information are positively safe. Isn’t it nice?

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