Design, Manufacture and Test

It is simple and easy! You call, tell us what you want done, we respond and deliver.

We have two main service areas: electronic circuit boards and control panels. The details are listed below.

Developing embedded firmware and software that work in our systems is part of our services.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Your comments are welcome, too.

Service details:

NEC/UL508A compliant control panels

usedch3They can be small NEMA enclosures with a few relays and contactors for some simple pump controls.

Or they may be more complicated with PLCs, PID controls, sensors, motor drives and wireless/internet connectivity.

No question, we do it. We will also develop control logic/firmware to make the units function as you specify.

Low-power/solar-powered SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) units

These are units that are designed to work at places where there is no commercial power or power availability is restricted. Because they are usually mounted outdoors, these control panels may required to be environmentally hardened.Portable_SCADA_System

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish using these units, they may contain low-power controllers, battery, solar panels, GPS timer/tracker, various sensors, motor/pump controllers, radios/internet port, and more.

We will develop firmware for embedded controllers in the units to provide your required functions.

We can also custom develop a graphical user interface (GUI) software that will provide an user-friendly operator/diagnosis interface to go with these remotely deployed SCADA units, or develop Web services that allow you to access the SCADA units no matter where you are.

Certified hazard area SCADA units

These are control panels that are certified to be used in hazardous zoned environment, such as oil refinery and oil fields.


In these applications, we harness our expertise in low-power, environmentally hardened electronics, wireless/internet connectivity, to design and build better controllers for you.

Our products are more robust, usually having more features and more cost-effective.

Automated Equipment/Circuit Boards Testers

Manufacturers test their circuit boards or sub-assemblies for defects before they use these parts in their products. Some circuit boards or sub-assemblies may even require fine-tuning for performances reasons. Instead of technicians manually doing the various tests and/or calibrations, we can design and build automated testers to help do the tasks. Automated testers have many advantages over manual processes. modcom

We have designed many such automated testers. We can also help you make sensible decisions to set the development phases and milestones that are more measurable and easier to appreciate by all parties involved in the decision process.

Our experiences will shorten the development time needed.

Micro/low power circuits and high temperature down-hole circuits

We design battery chargers, AC/DC motor controllers, surge/over-current protection modules, Lithium battery monitor and energy counters, displacement or other sensory acquisition modules, switching power supplies, LED drivers, GPS timers and trackers etc.Fan_Multi_SR

Our experience and expertise will prevent many “unexpected” hiccups and reduce troubleshooting delays.

We can develop firmware and GUI software that work with the circuits to your specifications.

PCB layout, parts procurement and assembly

We are EMC experts. We know how to avoid many of the EMC related issues. See “Why Us ?” section for more details.


It is quick and convenient. You give us your design. We first understand it. Then we will do the layout, procure the parts and get the boards assembled.

We help you kick your design work into high gear,  saving you the hassle of departmental politics.

On-site troubleshooting

We come to you when you have technical troubles. We help you diagnose your boards, or systems at your place.

Web services

Our excellent software guys can help you develop web services that interface with your field SCADA units to collect, process and distribute data for your business analysis, no matter where your analysts are located around the globe.

We are very experienced in data security. We take data security very seriously.