FREE download: CAN-Test Software for Windows 10

CAN Bus is a robust, low cost, widely available communication standard. In our industrial applications, we often use CAN network to enable our field devices to communicate with each other and with the host/IoT node.

CAN-Test is a FREE software tool we developed for Windows platform. It is a great tool to help debug and diagnose CAN communications. It is written in Python 3.7 with WxPython for the GUI work. The CAN support comes from the Python-CAN module, which supports multiple CAN interfaces, including Kvaser, SocketCAN, NI-CAN etc.


The tool divides the main window into four adjustable window panes. The Top-left pane displays and logs, optionally, all CAN messages. The Lower-left pane is a multi-tab window, where each tab shows a filtered set of received and transmitted CAN messages based on CAN message IDs. Each filter can include multiple ranges of CAN message IDs. For example, 8~9,16~17 specify a filter that will allow CAN messages with message ID 8,9,16,17 to be captured by that filter.

CAN messages in the pane and tabs can be easily logged by right click in the window, which activates a popup menu of allowed operations, shown below.


The “send” dialog is a very powerful feature of the software. It provides means to easily construct not only a single command frame, but to combine multiple command frames with different message IDs to form a command sequence. The tool has builtin CRC calculations, currenly supporting CRC-16, CRC-16-Modbus, CRC-16-XModem, for user’s conveniences, as can be seen below.

As a convenient feature, the data you enter in the SEND form can be saved and restored along with other environment parameters, including filters you add, when you choose ‘save’ or ‘open’ in the File menu.

You can download the software for free from HERE. After unzip, starting to execute the tool by double click mainwin.exe.

If you have a question or suggestion, or a bug to report, or would like to see a new feature for the software, please feel free to drop us a message. We would love to hear from you.