About Us

Extreme temperatures and vibration proof: We know how to build tough !

Tell us what you want, we will design, manufacture, deliver and optionally install for you.

Athena Microsystem Solutions LLC specializes in

  • Down-hole electronics,
  • Environmentally hardened electronics with low power consumption,
  • Connectivity solutions such as wireless, industrial data buses (Modbus, Fieldbus etc), and web services,Portable_SCADA_System
  • Customized SCADA systems that integrate sensors, controls, processing, power management and data communications for applications in the field, including HAZARDOUS ZONED areas,
  • Labview embedded and integration projects.

*SCADA: Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

We provide engineering design and manufacturing services to help our customers

  • Design electronic circuit boards,
  • Develop embedded firmware and GUI (Graphical User Interface) software,Wireless motor node
  • Develop internet solutions, including hardware integration and web services,
  • Design NEC/UL compliant or hazardous zone rated SCADA systems,
  • Design automated product testing equipment.

The picture on the right shows a wireless metering control board we designed and produced.

We strive to be your one-stop shop. We work closely with our partners and contract manufacturers. We can help our customers:

  • Handle supply management details,
  • Get the circuit boards and SCADA systems built and tested, prep’ed for delivery directly,
  • Ruggedize the circuit boards for vibration,
  • Field-tune PID motor controllers,motor-testing
  • Troubleshoot on site.

You can count on us !

Our engineering consultants (engineers) are very experienced and some of the best. Whether you are trying to get your grandeur ideas off the ground or trying to get around some internal office quabble and politics to get your projects on schedule, we will come running.

Here are a few other things about us:

We work extensively with different power sources, including high-temperature Lithium primary batteries, various rechargeable batteries and their charging techniques. We design circuits to consume little power, we also design circuits to manage batteries better.

If you need synchronized control or monitoring, or asset tracking in a wide area, or globally, we have a GPS based precision timer where they are needed.

Developing embedded firmware and software is our forte. C/C++, Labview (hardware as well), ladder logic and web development are all part of our routines.

We will come to you to assist you resolve any technical issues, even if the equipment in question is not ours, because we are your partner.

And, it is simple! You call, tell us what you want done, we respond and deliver.